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    Velcro" toddler:
    *Hi there. My daughter finds it so hard with her 19 month old toddler doing the "on top of her and latched on most of the night" thing. He has two big long feeds 11 pm and 3 am but then won't let go. Seriously distressed* when she tries to quietly "unlatch" him. I thought I'd ask you for help. She's at wits end. He's very active at day and eats heaps,* hardly ever nursing. Point is, she's struggling and terribly sleep-deprived. She cannot nap easily in the day. It only started at age 1 with severe teething.* My daughter also has an ongoing shoulder injury that cannot be operated on for a year at least. Anyway, how to unlatch a VELCRO TODDLER with love at night. (Except good feeds at 11 pm and 3 am). Single mum living alone.

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    Hi, I have a few suggestions for your daughter.
    Try encouraging more nursing during the day.
    Is anyone else there to help settle child at night, take child for a bit so mom can get a longer stretch of sleep? I get she is single and lives alone, but no chance of getting help from family or friends in this area?
    Naps? Sleeping in? Earlier to bed? Sleep can be 'caught up' on even if mom can only nap or sleep in some days. If something is preventing her from napping that can be eliminated, eliminate that thing. Naps can be sanity savers.
    If already bedsharing, try not bedsharing, or try bedsharing but with a separate sleep surface.
    If not currently bedsharing, try bedsharing.
    Look for other causes of restlessness ( too much or too little light, too hot or cold, to quiet or to loud, environmental or food allergies, too much screen time especially near bed time.)

    Anyway, how to unlatch a VELCRO TODDLER with love at night (all night) ?
    There is something called the Pantley pull off. It is described in the book The No-Cry Sleep Solution but you might find it described online.
    Try the various ideas in The No-Cry Sleep Solution and Sweet Sleep.

    "on top of her and latched on most of the night" thing.
    So is it due to the shoulder problem they cannot do sidelying for night time nursing?

    When my oldest at this age nursed all night, I thought I would lose my mind. I found it comforting to finally learn (after months of concern) that it was normal. I wish I had had the LLL Sweet Sleep book to reassure me. I swear once I began to feel more ok with the all night nurse-a-thon I was able to sleep better even though he nursed just as much.

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