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Thread: Naps and feeds, a timing conundrum

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    Hi mommies. I'm new here. I'm a first time mom. My daughter is 3 months old. We had a rough start with poor latch, thrush and mastitis. We finally have a decent thing going. I'm trying to feed on demand. But I'm having trouble figuring out where feeds and naps go. She feeds about every two hours. But she also gets tired every 2 hours.

    So... My situation is usually this. She wakes and eats. She plays for 1 hour and 45min about. She yawns. She stops playing. She rubs her eyes and ears. She's tired, right? I pick her up. She pecks my chest. Hm... I try to feed her. She passes out sucking in 2 min. Oh oops, must have been tired not hungry. I put her down to nap. She wakes up 5-10 min later crying. Won't stop. I pick her up to soothe her. She sucks on my arm. Cycle repeats. This goes on all day with one or two good feeds. Eventually mid afternoon she crashes for a longer nap (longer meaning 1-2 hours) . Wakes up energized and wants to eat. Bedtime winds up varying day to day by 3 hours.

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    Hi and welcome. I am not sure I quite understand. Are you concerned baby is not sleeping enough, or not eating enough? Everything sounds normal up until you say baby sucks your arm. So baby will not nurse at that point?

    How are you defining a 'good feed?" It is normal for babies to nurse short sometimes and longer others. As long as baby is nursing at least 8-12 times or more in 24 hours and gaining ok, then all is probably well.

    Bedtime winds up varying day to day by 3 hours.
    So most three months old nurse at least a few times overnight and do not have set bedtimes. So this also seems normal.

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    I think some babies just don't like being put down for naps! I had a lot more success with both my kids putting them down in the swing when they were under 3-4 months or so, and they'd sleep for semi decent stretches of about 45 minutes. By the time they were 4-5 months? Forget it. If I wanted a longer nap from them, I either had to let them sleep on me, get them to sleep in the car seat/stroller and bring them in, or wear them in a baby carrier. It's really a crap shoot though!

    I think if you're worried about if baby is getting enough milk, you have to remember to watch diaper output and weight gain. If you're worried about baby not getting enough sleep, it might be worth reading a book about baby sleep to help you understand the norms of baby sleep. Elizabeth Pantley's No Cry Sleep Solution is one that I found helpful, especially if you're not into the CIO idea. Another one I've seen floated around here is Sweet Sleep, though I haven't personally read it.

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