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Thread: 35 hours old gassy, spitting up, and not pooping

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    Default 35 hours old gassy, spitting up, and not pooping

    My baby is 35 hours old now. He had a really big meconium poop yesterday when he was about 8 hours old and hasn't pooped again since but he's had several wet diapers. He's been very gassy and it smells really strong like sulfur. He has also been spitting up quite often. He isn't fussy though and has been generally very easy so far. He's been nursing every couple hours and spent like 3 hours straight nursing last night. I've been trying to burp him after every feed but it's difficult to get him to burp.
    I'm worried that he hasn't pooped again and about all the gas. Is it normal? What can I do?

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    Default Re: 35 hours old gassy, spitting up, and not pooping

    Hi babymm, congratulations on your new baby.

    As far as I know, the only reason to be concerned about no poop from a breastfeeding standpoint is the concern baby is not getting enough milk. I know this is not your first baby, so you know what to look for as far as how nursing should feel etc (?) and also it sounds like baby is getting enough milk where he is spitting up and peeing, so he is probably getting enough milk? Also, baby should be nursing at least 10 times in 24 hours, and cluster nursing and long sessions are entirely normal.

    Poop guidelines are just that, guidelines. Yes typically you would have seen more poop by this point. But there are babies who do not poop the 'recommended amount" who are getting plenty of milk and are doing fine. I would be much, much more concerned if baby had never pooped, because you really want to see at least one nice meconium poop in the first 24 hours. So it is good that happened.

    Very extreme projectile spit up could mean a rare medical issue called pyloric stenosis. With this condition the vomiting is very forceful- literally across the room, and I think it would happen that way every time baby nurses. This is a serious condition as baby would be vomiting so much baby is not getting enough to eat. It is also possible that there are some other medical reasons (not related to milk intake) that baby is not pooping.

    So, just to rule out any medical issues, I do think it makes sense to have baby seen by a doctor as soon as you can if baby continues to not poop. If the doctor tells you to supplement, ask why. Not pooping could mean many other things aside that baby is not getting enough milk, and supplementing is only going to help if not enough milk is the problem, and in that case of course what you really need to do is figure out why baby is not getting enough and try to correct that problem. If you are not sure about how much milk baby is taking in, or doctor tells you to supplement, I suggest see a lactation consultant to do a before and after nursing weight check and have breastfeeding assessed.

    Smelly gas would make sense, given that baby is not pooping.

    I would suggest do not worry about burping baby. If baby needs help burping baby will let you know.

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