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    The thing about the percentiles chart is? They are all within normal range. Someone has to be on the top and on the bottom for it to exist. If a child is in the 3rd percentile but stays there that's still normal. Sometimes falling in the charts can be of concern. But not always. Most EBF babies DO in fact start to slide on the percentiles chart as soon as the start to move. So the addition of rolling over and then crawling and then cruising can make it so that breastfed kids slide quite a bit but it's still normal and no cause for alarm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*anuha View Post
    This seems to be a really difficult concept for some health professionals. My son was in the lower percentiles but gaining steadily (straight line steadily). However, at a one year check up a health nurse told me that because he doesn't eat much solids (nursed a lot and was happy), he's in the lower percentiles. And of course I was then all stressed out about him not eating enough solids. At first round you just believe everything they say.
    Yes there are many misconceptions regarding healthy gain and growth and eating habits, and I have learned they crop up again and again even well past babyhood. I found the book My Child Won't Eat by Carlos Gonzalez very helpful in gaining a greater understanding of this subject.

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    Thanks for the book recommendation! Looks interesting. Will start reading today.

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