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Thread: left scolded milk in the cooler

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    Default left scolded milk in the cooler

    i scolded my breastmilk, and soon after put it in the cooler with the 2 icepacks around it.
    I brought it home but forgot to move it to the fridge for 9 hours.
    When i remembered i measured the temperature and it was 50F inside the bottle.

    Should i toss it.

    I am concerned that its scolded milk so it diesnt get preserved as good as just expressed milk

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    Default Re: left scolded milk in the cooler

    I am afraid that according to the guidelines on milk storage LLL publishes, tossing the milk is indicated due to the temp. While leaving milk in an insulated cooler is considered ok for 24 hours, the temp needs to be 39F or below in the bag to be sure it is ok. It does not matter if it is scalded or not.

    On the other hand, freshly pumped milk can be left at room temp for 8 hours, and of course that is much warmer than 50F. I have no idea what the 'rule' is (there is likely no rule) for newly expressed milk that has been heated, then chilled, and then gotten warmer....My guess is in fact your milk is fine. However, I think your situation is a grey area.

    Here are the guidelines so you can see what you think: http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...toringmilk.pdf

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