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Thread: Not making enough milk

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    My daughter is 6 months old and was born with some health issues. She was term but spent the fist month of life in the NICU. She was mostly on Lipids and electrolytes during that time although between surgeries they would let her nuzzle and nurse occasionally. Since then she is doing well and I was able to nurse her exclusively however she never gained much weight. We attributed that to her playing catch up. However at 6 months I finally decided to go see a lactation consultant and have her weighed. They determine me she was only getting about 18 ounces a day. Since then I started pumping to make sure she is getting between 25-30 ounces and she has already put on one pound (which we're thrilled about because she's due for another surgery next month).

    So now that I'm exclusively pumping (although I let her nurse whenever she wants after I've pumped) I'm not producing nearly enough milk. I've tried all the normal things to increase supply - water, supplements, oats, etc. but I'm only getting between 15-18 ounces a day. Just today I started increasing the number of pumping sessions to 8 and I always pump for about 20 minutes and afterwards my breasts feel emptied.

    She is my 4th baby and I've never had supply issues in the past - of course this would happen to the child that needs it most.

    Any help you can offer would be so appreciated. My freezer stick is running low.

    Thank you!!

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    Hi hrdapaah, and welcome to the forum!

    Did you want to move to exclusive pumping for some reason? I am a little confused about why this decision was made? In most cases of poor gain, that is not necessary, as a baby can instead be supplemented as needed with what mom can pump (or with donor milk or formula) if that is needed, while baby continues to nurse as much as baby wants. I am asking because exclusive pumping is probably the hardest way to maintain normal milk production or to increase it. Also there are many benefits to nursing that are about things together than the milk. If EPing was a choice you made, that is different.

    Have you read the book Making More Milk? It is the best book out there for this kind of situation, and I strongly recommended it. If you read it a while ago, pick it up again. Kellymom also has good articles I will link. but MMM will give you so much more insight.

    I would also strongly suggest the book My Child Won't Eat. The author explains the wide range of both normal weight gain and normal intake.



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