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Thread: Trying to wean my toddler

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    Default Trying to wean my toddler

    My daughter just turned two and I'm ready to wean her, but she's not ready.
    I'm wondering if I should make her go cold turkey or if I should continue to gradually decrease her feedings. I've already slowly eliminated the first in the morning and bedtime feedings because I have the help of my husband at that time. The hardest one to eliminate will be naptime because she loves to just sleep in my arms and chew on the boob for two hours!! (I know I've created a monster!!)
    Wondering if you had any advice for daytime when she is begging for milk or naptime when she just wants to suckle for hours.
    Thank you

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    Default Re: Trying to wean my toddler

    Hi, and welcome. LLL has long suggested that, when possible, weaning goes best when it is allowed to occur gradually.

    There are two excellent books on weaning I would recommend. The Nursing Mother's Guide to Weaning and How Weaning Happens. They will be able to give you may ideas and also specific information about what is happening both for mom and child during the weaning process.

    If you just want some quick suggestions, the typical and most recommended weaning strategies can be summed up like this: Don't offer, don't refuse. Avoid: (situations or position that cause child to want to nurse or expect to nurse.) Distract: say "Let's do..." (anything aside nursing your child might want to do or usually enjoys doing.") . Substitute: (would you like some water? How about a snack?) Delay: "You can nurse after...." whatever. Shorten: "You can nurse for the time it takes to count to 10 or 20. You choose." Or "the time for me to sing Twinkle Twinkle or Ba Ba black sheep. You choose."

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