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Thread: Safe To Start Up Again?

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    Hey guys. I stopped breastfeeding my almost 2 month old about 3 weeks ago. Reason being is that we introduced a bottle once a day for about a week (with breastmilk) because I wanted him to get used to it before going back to work. After doing that it was a constant battle to get him back on the breast. He would kick and scream, latch, unlatch, continue screaming for about an hour or more EACH feeding. So I threw in the towel and decided to pump and bottle feed. At first I was pumping up to 12oz a session depending on the time of day and then the amount started going down each time. It got to where I could not get enough pumped to sustain him and started supplementing with formula after feeding him what breastmilk I could get out. And then I couldn't get any out. I know some women respond better than others to the pump but I am wondering if it is normal to be able to pump so much and then not be able to get anything? He has been on formula only for about 1 week now but today I noticed my breasts were leaking and it feels like I have clogged ducts and I was able to hand express some in the shower. Would it be safe to try and Latch him again? I've read contradicting things online about milk going bad or sour while still in the breast. Do I need to pump and dump? if I am still producing I would like him to get the benefits of my milk but I don't want him on the breast using me solely as a pacifier.

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    I've read contradicting things online about milk going bad or sour while still in the breast. Do I need to pump and dump?
    Oh my...And here I thought I had heard everything. Yikes.
    Milk cannot "go bad" or sour in the breast. it is not like milk just sits in the breast for weeks on end. It is 100% safe to nurse your baby. At this point, after only bottle feeding so long, it is possible baby will not seem interested in nursing or may even refuse to nurse. but this would be because baby became habituated to bottles and not because there is anything at all wrong with your milk.
    Please be careful where you get your breastfeeding information. There is lots of bad info out there, from mistakes or poorly explained information to out and out lies.

    It sounds like you were having some kind of issue with baby nursing, and I think it is possible whatever that issue was may still be there. If that is the case, I would suggest consulting with a lactation consultant. Also, since you are seeing a drop in pump output, it is possible that your milk production has reduced and you will need to take steps to build production back up. Luckily this is very possible, but it may require some effort. To increase milk production it is important to encourage baby to nurse frequently and you may also need to pump. For more info on increasing milk production, this is a good article: http://kellymom.com/hot-topics/low-supply/

    Nature made breasts so a baby could be comforted as well as fed by them. Your baby wanting to nurse for comfort is entirely normal and healthy, and is good not only for your baby's normal facial and jaw development but for your milk production as well. Also, being able to comfort a baby by nursing is one of the many benefits of breastfeeding for mom. Your baby is not "using" you or any part of your body.

    PS if baby is reluctant to nurse, this article has many good ideas: http://kellymom.com/ages/newborn/nb-...ack-to-breast/
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