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    My EBF baby is almost 4 months old and has always been colicky. he seems to have trouble pooping and passing gas. He fusses and pulls his legs up and grunts and strains and he will pass small amounts of gas at a time. But he always still has more making him uncomfortable. He seems to feel better after passing gas or having a large poop. What can I do to help him? I've asked his piediatrician about it and she doesn't seem concerned. She says it is normal and he will get it figured out in time. He's gaining weight and thriving otherwise I just want to help him not be in pain and uncomfortable. He's such a happy baby when he isn't so gassy. Also, I've tried food elimination and that doesn't seem to help him either.

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    It seemed like once my baby was able to move around a lot more (rolling, getting to crawling position, etc.), all that movement really helped get the gas out without her having to worry about it or try to force it out. Sorry I don't have any advice beyond that!

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    Thank you, he is actually rolling over now and moving around more and you are right! That has helped so much! He's already getting better! Thank you!

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    My 2nd baby seemed to be more like this than my first one was, and IIRC it was around the 3-5 month mark or so that she would only poop every couple of days and sometimes seem to be uncomfortable in between. I would sometimes massage her belly - I'd put a little coconut oil on my fingers and just gently massage her belly clockwise a couple times per day. You can also try pulling his knees up to his belly, that sometimes helps too. Mostly though, I think it was just an immature system that needed time to mature.

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