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Thread: Pumping for 11 month old

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    I am adjusting to this new reality and my 11 month old has zero desire to have formula (powdered or liquid), goats milk, a combination of either of those with breastmilk. She wants the real deal or nothing! I'm supplementing with more solids and she's seeming to have a good time of it. I have two more weeks of full time work before I leave my job to be a SAHM (yay!!) I've been pumping at work and while my supply has decreased, I have, until now, been able to get *something* from the pump. But not today. I am just not responding to the pump. I don't know what to do. The let-down just will not happen with the pump. I look at pictures, watch videos, visualize, massage, etc. and it just is not happening. How can I maintain what supply I have over the next two weeks at work so when I leave my job there's still some for her to get while nursing? Thank you!

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    Welcome, destwards! I'm afraid your post got overlooked initially because it was attached to the end of an older thread. Sorry about that!

    Are you home with your little one now? How are things going?

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