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Thread: Preschooler forgot how to latch/nurse

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    Question Preschooler forgot how to latch/nurse

    My daughter will be three this week. We’d still been nursing at bedtime and in the morning every day, but it seems that from one day to the next, she forgot how to latch. She just sucks noisily and ineffectively for a few seconds and gives up. It’s not a problem, obviously, at her age. It’s just a surprise because that’s not how I expected weaning to happen.

    I thought she might lose interest, or my supply might dry up, or I’d have to decide to tell her, “No more nanu,” one day. I hadn’t heard of a child just losing the skill overnight! She is a bit sad about it and asks if I can teach her how to nanu again, but I’ve been saying, no, I don’t think I can and this must mean that she’s a big girl now.

    Her nose is slightly stuffy (spring allergies), but we have nursed through much worse, of course. I think my menstrual cycle is finally returning, and this coincided with the end of a light period, but I can still easily express milk so I don't think it's a supply issue. Also, she's not complaining that there's no milk, she's saying that she can't remember how.

    I'm not looking at this as a problem to solve - it's probably just as well for weaning to happen now, and it's probably sort of lucky if it happens naturally. I just wanted to see if this is a common thing to happen.

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    Hi, and welcome. My four year old sometimes latches really oddly and I have to ask her to stop and try again. Usually just helping her adjust her position and telling her to open wide, relax, and nurse gently helps her figure it out. She has said for a long time there is no milk, but she still wants to nurse especially at bedtime. I know there is SOME milk, but not much, so I agree this probably has nothing to do with your production.

    In my experience with two older children that weaned pretty much on their own terms, is that it is a little surprising when they are just not nursing anymore, even when the weaning was very gradual.

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