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Thread: Recurrent back ups/plugs

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    I just returned to work within the last 4 weeks and since then I have had back ups in the exact same area almost every day - it has been miserable. I pumped almost exclusively with the same pump for about a month prior to returning to work. I spend so much time getting rid of the back up and I know I can't keep going on like this. Luckily, I work from my home office. Has anyone had this problem or done anything to help? I'm taking Lecithin and nursing at night and in the morning but I get back ups during the day and when I pump after my son has gone to bed.

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    Are you EPing or only pumping when working? If baby nurses, has there been any changes there (longer sleep stretch, distraction, short sessions, latch changes, etc?)
    Do you regularly trouble shoot your pump?
    Could the flange size need adjusting?
    Have you tried adjusting how the flange is held to your breast, or adjusted your own position while pumping?
    Could you hand express as well? It sounds like the pump is not "empting" one part of the breast?

    Here is a good tip sheet on dealing with plugs: http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...plugsblebs.pdf Vibration and cold are things that seem to help a lot.

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