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Thread: Bitten/hole in nipple

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    I have a 9 month old who recently bit my nipple during a feeding. This happened 2-3 weeks ago. I exclusively breast feed. It started out as a tiny hole so I perservered. It kept getting bigger although not infected so I kept with it even though the pain was out of this world. I read that it would eventually heal from the inside out. Well looking at it last night I realized that basically the entire underside of my nipple is a hole and almost looks like an open flap when I pull my nipple up. All I have used on it is the first years lanolin free cream. As of today I have only fed him on the good breast and have pumped the other. I put a bandaid over the hole when I pump so that way it will semi stay together. I'm worried my nipple is going to fall off.

    Will my nipple heal like this if I keep pumping?
    Will my milk supply decrease or dry up on just one side?
    How do I heal this nipple?
    Should I go to the doctor and get something from them, or is that just a waste of time? Would stitches work?

    I do not want to quit breastfeeding so I need all the help I can get.

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Bitten/hole in nipple

    That sounds awful! Unfortunately what you probably need is a breast specialist. And those do not exist!

    Of course you might want to see your doctor. The problem with doctors is, they are not typically knowledgeable about breastfeeding or even, the breast. They may tell you to wean, and actually I doubt that is needed. What is needed is that you heal, and that would not require that you wean.

    You could also see a lactation consultant. They will probably have the most expertise in healing wounds like this while mom continues to nurse or pump. But you still may need to see a doctor if any tests or prescriptions are needed.

    Another option? A dermatologist. This is a skin issue, after all. However with a dermatologist you may run into the same problem as with any other doctor- no respect for breastfeeding, and being told to wean when again, I doubt that is needed.

    If you can pump without increasing injury and you pump often enough and your pump works properly, then pumping is a good option if nursing is just not possible right now, as it will protect your milk production. If you do not pump and baby is also not nursing from that breast, then yes, that breast will stop making milk. Another option is hand expression, but again it would have to work for you and you would have to be doing it often enough.

    This probably sounds horrible, but I wonder if what you need is a stich or two, to get the hole knitting together again? I mean if wounds always healed from the inside out, why do we need stiches (or similar) for closing wounds?

    When my baby bit me badly at about the same age, I was able to tolerate nursing while the injury healed if I laid down and pulled baby to the breast over my shoulder, as doing so reversed the latch. My bite was bad, but not as bad as what you are describing, so I am not necessarily thinking this is possible at this point for you, but maybe would help once you start healing.
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