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Thread: Should I start solids?

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    Default Should I start solids?

    Hi! I'm looking for some advice. This may teeter on the medical side of things so if this is inappropriate, I apologize. This is my first LLLI post. I've been making myself crazy over this. Anyway, my son is little and I don't know if I should be concerned about his weight. He turned 5 months yesterday. He was weighed last Tuesday (may 9th) and was 9lbs,14ounces. He's a twin and has always been small. His lowest weight after leaving the hospital was 5lbs, 6 ounces. Every check up he gains, but he's not even on the (WHO) charts. He's exclusively breastfed. At his 4 month checkup the ped said that I should start solids to give him more calories. I do not think he's ready for solids at all. I basically just ignored his pediatrician because he shows no signs of readiness. This ped also encouraged solids early with my older son and I just told him outright I was waiting until he was 6 months old. My little guy is very happy, talks a lot, rolls over, sleeps great, poops and pees. I just can't help but wonder if he's ok or if I'm doing something wrong. I don't feel like giving him solids is the answer. I did just up the 3 bottles he gets at daycare from 4 to 5 ounces of breastmilk and he's taking them fine. I know we're not drs here, but does anyone have any advice? I've read so much stuff that says look at the baby and not the number, but of course I still worry. TIA!!

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    Have you read the book "my child won't eat"? This is a great book that explains WHY it is important to watch baby and not the numbers. The author also explains why early solids actually cause slow down in gain with some babies. If your baby really needs more to eat, maybe there are things to do to increase how much milk overall baby gets. But first i do suggest read that book.
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    I wouldn't. And even at 6months when I did? It was only for play and exploration. Not calorie intake. Your milk is perfect food for your baby. You aren't going to get better calorie intake from solids. I would wait.

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