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Thread: Constipation when starting solids

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    Does anyone have experience with constipation in a breastfed baby when starting solids? Severe food allergies run in our family so our allergist suggested starting solids early. We did oatmeal (once every few days) starting at 4.5 months, which constipated her quickly. Our ped said to try pear juice, then a suppository, and to only do orange veggies, green veggies, and fruits. We did sweet potatoes and green beans, and she got constipated again. A few days later she went, after giving her prunes. She's now constipated AGAIN. The ped said to give Miralax (2mLs) 2x, and a suppository if that didn't work. It didn't, we did the suppository, and she STILL didn't poop. Not really quite sure what to do at this point. We've done everything else (warm baths, massage, bicycle legs, prunes, etc). This didn't happen with my first kiddo.

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    Many babies experience constipation when starting solids, usually because they are getting too much too early. The best way to treat it is to reduce or eliminate the solids.

    I would suggest going back to the allergist for clarification. What has been thought for a long time is that incidence of allergy or allergy severity is reduced when baby is exclusively nursed for at least 6 months. This is one reason why this is the most prevalent recommendation.

    Recently some apparently reliable studies indicate that earlier introduction of SOME things help reduce allergies to those things. - gluten is one I am pretty sure, but I do not know what else.

    So, If early introduction is deemed appropriate for your baby due to the genetic predisposition to allergies, it may be that only a small amount of some limited foods is needed to help with the allergies, and be a small enough amount that baby does not get constipated.

    Also if the cereal contains added iron, that might be causing the constipation.

    Also, are you 100% sure she is constipated? Breastfed babies over 6 weeks old sometimes go many days without pooping. Is she straining to go and not producing, only making hard dry pellets, that kind of thing? If she is only getting a very small amount of solids and is mostly breastfed, it can be normal for a baby to not poop for several days. When my baby was 7 or 8 months old and just eating a teeny bit of solids here and there, she went at least 21 days without pooping! (We are not exactly sure what day the countdown started) Her ped said as long as she was comfortable not to worry and not to do anything. I was almost begging for him to tell us to use a suppository but he said no need. Of course I did worry, but we waited and it all turned out ok. But again, she was not having distress, although towards the end she was starting to get a little uncomfortable.

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