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    Hello, FTM here and this is my first post. I will be going back to work full time on June 22 and my 5 month old daughter will be starting daycare on June 5 (when she'll be 6 months old), so I can start her with just a few hours at a time and work up to a full day by the time I start work. She is EBF. We bedshare and I also lay with her on our bed for all of her naps where she nurses to sleep as well as nurses/comfort nurses throughout the naps. She sleeps well at night, only wakes up maybe 2-3 times to eat, and sleeps 10-12 hours. Her naps are anywhere from 30 min to 2 1/2 hours (but the longer naps don't happen as often). She gets cranky after being awake any longer than 2 1/2 hours so I make sure we start naps within that amount of wakeup time. Depending on the length of the naps she'll have 3-4 naps per day.

    I'm really concerned about her being able to nap at daycare. It's a good daycare right across the street from where I work and my coworkers have good things to say about the teachers. However many of them say their kids do/did not nap well in the infant room. The "infant" room is for babies/children ages 6 weeks to 18 months. There is a 4:1 children to staff ratio and a max of 16 babies/children for the room. There is no set napping schedule and I was told they will follow our schedule that we have at home. The room with the cribs is adjacent to the activity room and has open windows so the staff can hear in. When my husband and I visited the daycare midmorning a few weeks ago I noticed that NONE of the babies/children were napping at that time.

    I'm wondering what can I do to help prepare my daughter for this transition? I plan on continuing to bedshare and nap share when she is home so she has that stability to count on. With the daycare being so close to work, I'm also planning on going over at lunchtime to breastfeed. I might even have the possibility of going twice to breastfeed her during the day if I can use pumping time and split my lunch. But I'm also concerned that me going to nurse her there and then leaving will create confusion for her, especially if she's used to nursing to and during sleep. If I can only be there for 20 min and she nurses then falls asleep on me, will that create confusion when I then try to set her in the crib? If she wakes up will that ruin a nap she started, throwing off the rest of the day? Or should I hand her to a staff (if available) for them to try to put her in the crib? She doesn't take a bottle well (although has started taking 1/2 ounce or so during our daily practice sessions) so I'm also concerned about her getting enough to eat and being full/comfortable enough to sleep there. As well as being able to sleep with all the lights and sounds.

    My anxiety has honestly been through the roof about this. I've even considered quitting my job even though it's my dream job that I've had for 10 years. But we looked at our finances and it's not a possibility for me to stop working. Any advice to help ease my mind about these daycare concerns would be much appreciated! Thank you in advance!

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    I really do not think there is anything you can do to prepare a baby for separations from mom. I suggest, prepare yourself for the fact there will be an adjustment period and it may take a few weeks for things to feel normal but eventually it will be ok. (Or it won't, some moms do find they have to change their plans for work return based on how they feel once they try it- it happens.) But no matter what, while anticipating such a change it is normal for you to feel anxiety about leaving your baby so you can work, we are hardwired this way. It would be odd to not have anxiety in this situation. Usually, there is an adjustment period but then the new normal takes over and your anxiety will reduce.

    Being able to walk across the street and nurse and reconnect with your baby at your lunch break is such a wonderful opportunity for both of you I would not worry one bit about how it might affect naps or cause confusion. Your baby may or may cry when you leave then, just as she may or may not cry when the day begins. Crying in these circumstances is normal and not confusion. If it truly causes an ongoing problem, you can make adjustments as needed.

    If it is a good day care, they will have seen it all and know pretty well how to comfort your baby. They probably will also have many tricks up their sleeve for bottles and getting baby to sleep. Of course you can also offer your suggestions.

    Nap times normally change many times so trying to plan for how baby will nap in a month or several months is not possible. Also, I think your chosen day care is wise to not try to a have a set "nap time" for multiple babies.

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    Thank you for your reply! I guess I just need to be prepared that there will be an adjustment period and to make adjustments as I go. She's very observant and enjoys seeing new places and faces so I think if her eating and sleeping there are able to become consistent she'll actually enjoy it.

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