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    Hi everyone, I tried to breastfeed exclusively w/ my little nugget who is now almost 4 weeks but it didn't work out. I had a massive headache in the hospital and it turned it out I needed a blood patch and my nipples were also ripped and sore from her latch but long story short i gave her a bottle and its been 3 weeks and after trying to get her to latch on my breast again it hasn't worked and i hired a lactation consultant and she said my baby has a lip and tongue tie so I am going to exclusively pump... I just started pumping every 2 hours for 20 min and its been 2 days and if I'm lucky i get an oz from each breast.. if you started pumping from scratch and had a similar story as mine how long did it take for your supply to increase pumping every 2 hours ? I just want some hope that my milk supply will in fact increase if I stick to being consistent with the pumping every 2.. (I've heard it doesn't work for some ppl and for some it does but i decided to try more milk plus as well. Started today)

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    Keep at it at that consistency for at least a week before you even worry. It's all supply and demand. If you have only been making consistent demands on your breast for 2 days you have a ways to go. But in terms of "every 2 hours" are you doing that around the clock or only during the day? Because if you are taking the whole night off, you will probably run into some problems. Because the baby would never take 6 or 8 hours off. So if you are getting up in 4hour intervals at night you should be ok as long as you are truly pumping every 2 hours during the day. If you are going more like 6 or 8 hours at night that means that you need to be working in 10 -12 sessions in BEFORE you go to sleep. Because that's the amount of stimulation your breasts would be getting if you were EBF. So don't give up or wonder what's wrong after a couple of days. Keep at it. And you can also take fenegreek if More milk plus doesn't end up working for you. Good luck!

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