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Thread: Painful latch while teething

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    Hi there! First time poster. My 18-month old changes his latch every time he teethes, and though he's not biting, his latch becomes very pinchy and contributes to the development of milk blisters. In the past, I've dealt with the pain as I treated the milk blisters and tried to help him correct his latch back to normal (which has never worked-- until the tooth is through), and then after about a week it all magically goes away. He's now getting his canines in and it's been a _month_ now of this incredibly painful process. He wants to nurse all the time and for long periods, and nothing I say or do is changing his latch longer than a few seconds. Nursing is now setting my teeth on edge, making my skin crawl, and putting me in a horrible mood as I whimper through it at all times of day or night. My local LLL group is out of ideas for me. Can anyone here suggest a cure for a bad latch during these bouts of teething? I'm starting to feel crazy desperate, and though I'm not going to, swearing under my breath that I just can't nurse a single second more. Please help!

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    nothing I say or do is changing his latch longer than a few seconds.
    Have you tried changing nursing position? And being firm as in "this is the position we are doing, live with it?" (Maybe in a nicer way.) It might still be an owie latch, but if you can change where top and bottom are "hitting" maybe it will relieve the pain or prevent injury? One time after a bite wound I laid down and pulled my daughter over my shoulder to nurse, completely reversing her latch and making nursing comfortable until I healed.

    Also have you tried language he might understand for getting him to nurse with less intensity? For example, once when I was tandem nursing and my toddler's latch hurt, I found I had to play around to find what words brought the desired results. He could not understand "gentle" or "softer" but he understood "slower." Also telling him to open wide did not work because as soon as he latched he started clamping. So I explained to him to open wide and keep it that way- to nurse with a "big mouth" and I would keep my mouth open to show him while he nursed (or at least for the first several minutes)

    Nipple shield?

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