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Thread: My baby hates to eat

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    Default My baby hates to eat

    My baby is nearly 7 months now. He is teething really badly and in constant pain, he also gets alot of fever...
    I started him on cereal at 6 months. He always clinches his jaw shut not wanting to eat, he also spits out whatever is in his mouth OR he just keeps it on without swallowing.
    I usually give up after a while as he starts to cry. He doesn't even end up having a Tablespoon.
    Any advise? It's so fraistrating and I'm worried about his growth...

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    Default Re: My baby hates to eat

    Hi binu. Teething may cause fever, however only a very low fever. If your baby actually has a fever of more than F 100.5, your baby is most likely ill. An ill baby is going to be less likely to want to eat.

    Teething might cause a baby to not want to eat, in which case you probably just want to respect that they are not feeling well and do not want to eat! But at 7 months there are many other reasons a baby would be uninterested, the most common being they are simply not ready for solids yet, or would prefer to feed themselves.

    The recommendation for solids is that they are introduced at about 6 months. Not that baby actually eat anything. If someone is telling you it is a problem if your 7 month old is refusing to eat solids, they are incorrect. Unless there is some physiological issue, you probably have nothing to worry about, and any physiological issue with taking in food would probably have shown itself before this as a nursing problem.

    Has your baby been gaining slowly? Is baby currently breast or bottle fed and how is that going?

    An excellent book I strongly suggest is the book My Child Won't Eat by the pediatrician and breastfeedng expert Carlos Gonzalez. It is not going to give you ideas for making a child eat who does not want to, it explains normal growth patterns and eating habits for babies and young children, and helps parents understand that usually they are worrying over normal behavior as well explaining what actually might indicate a true problem. He also explains how insisting a child eat is usually both unnecessary and counter productive and offers alternatives.

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