Birth : Things Don’t Always Come Up As You Have Planned Them

by Gabriela Gallegos, Cambridge, England
, Breastfeeding Today, February 2017

When I learned that I was pregnant, I started to inform myself about absolutely everything so that I could have an « easy » pregnancy, a healthy pregnancy but above all I wished with all my heart and soul to give birth naturally, without any anesthetic.

I am a sportive woman, I almost never get sick and so I rarely take any medicine. Following this reasoning, the most natural and ideal thing to do would be to give birth naturally without any medicine involved. For 9 months I ate healthy and did lots of sports, as much as I could, at 8 months I was still going to checkups on my bicycle. It was an amazing pregnancy and I was delighted, people around me notice dit and told me how radiant I looked and how good I looked being pregnant. I felt like I was living a dream, those 9 months were really beautiful.

On June 3rd, almost on week 40th, I started bleeding a little bit, I wasn’t worried since I had read that it could be the mucus plug and to be quite honest I got really excited thinking that I was close to meeting my baby. Later on that day the bleeding became more intense so as a precaution, I decided to go to the hospital for a checkup. We arrived there at 7 pm, my mother was with me. After the checkup and the ecograph, we were told that there wasn’t enough amniotic fluid and I was asked if I hadn’t broken waters. I answered that I hadn’t noticed anything out of the ordinary apart from the bleeding. They monitored my baby for 2 hours and at 11 pm they told me that I could go back home to rest, but that I should go back so they could check on the amniotic fluid again. The day after (June 4th), we went back to the hospital. Again they did a full checkup and I was still losing amniotic fluid because of a fissure, and I had started dilating, I was at 1 cm. We were told to go eat and take a walk, and to go back at 4 pm for a new checkup. We went back and I was dilated at 2 cm so they decided to admit me for observation because I was still losing amniotic fluid and since dilation had started it was official that labor had started. That night, despite being given dinner, I couldn’t eat anything because I was worried about my baby. We spent the night at the hospital and contractions had started. They were not very frequent, they were happening every 7 or 8 minutes. Later on they were happening every 5 minutes and that went on like that all night, but I wasn’t dilating as expected. Contractions were painful but bearable, I thought I would make it : my dream natural birth.

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