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Thread: Transporting freezer stash during international move

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    Default Transporting freezer stash during international move

    EDITED (June 2017):

    Happy to hear from anyone with experience transporting a freezer stash! I would prefer to take an Igloo on board with me, so that I keep my eye on it. I mean, what if they lose my suitcase?? This could be very bad, even if I'm using dry ice.....

    In August we are moving from our home (Jerusalem, Israel) to the US for a year. In addition to moving my whole family (we have three other small children), I will want to take my frozen stash with me on the 15hr+ journey. I'm nervous about this! Pointers on how to do this? Practically speaking: Do I take it as a carry-on? With dry ice? Do security personnel let it through? amount - probably 8-9 liters (= 300 oz or so), frozen as tiny ice cubes. i estimate it would fill a large backpack, not counting whatever cooling supplies i would need

    many thanks!
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