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Thread: 17 months postpartum trying to conceive advice??

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    Default 17 months postpartum trying to conceive advice??

    hi, Im 17 months postpartum, nursing only once or twice a day and still no period. how do I resume the cycle? I would like to conceive, but not sure if this can happens if my cycle is not back.

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    Default Re: 17 months postpartum trying to conceive advice??

    It is normal to not have a period at this point. Most likely it will return within the next 6 months. There is no way to jump start this natural process I am aware of. If you are comfortable nursing once a day, (not having an fullness or heaviness that is uncomfortable when baby is nursing that infrequently) that would indicate that you make very little milk at this point, so it is highly unlikely lactating is causing any delay in return to fertility. The vast majority of women see a return of fertility by 18-24 months after baby is born (if not before) even if their child nurses frequently.

    Some moms do experience "secondary" infertility even if they had no problem before first baby. But it is far to early to assume or even suspect there is a problem.

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