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Thread: Pumping not working/bariatric patient

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    My son is 10 weeks old. He was born with low blood sugar and they supplemented with formula in the hospital. To make a long story short, he's about 50/50 breastmilk/ formula. I've tried increasing my supply by pumping 8 times a day, power pumping, and using fenugreek (9 capsules a day) but nothing seems to increase my supply. The pumping is VERY time consuming and I just want to give up on that because it doesn't seem to make a difference. BTW, I am a bariatric patient. I don't know if that makes a difference.

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    Hello and welcome! I am a little unclear- Are you looking for ideas for increasing your milk production, for weaning completely to formula, or for weaning off or reducing pumping but continuing to nurse?

    Sometimes people with very limited diets need to supplement themselves with B12 because their milk will not contain enough otherwise. But assuming your surgery was pre-pregnancy, and you were able to safely carry your baby to term and provide sufficient nutrition for baby to grow normally in utero, I am not sure how the surgery would have harmed your production. Many moms struggle with low production for multiple reasons. Have you seen a lactation consultant about this issue?

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