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    I have a 5 month old baby who is exclusively breastfed. I am having a lot of difficulty with her sleep patterns. she has never been the best sleeper but since she was 3.5 months she wakes up every 1 to 2 hours to nurse-- most of the times she only nurses for a minute or two and goes back to sleep. During the day she only takes long naps if I nurse her back to sleep. Is this normal? Everyone tells me that by this age babies should be sleeping longer stretches. I am so exhausted and she also seems like she is not well rested as she gets fussy during the day.

    I don't have the heart to do any sleep training like cry it out-- Does anyone have any advice for me or words of encouragement? How will I ever get my baby out of the nurse to sleep cycle?

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    Welcome to the forum!

    What you are seeing is TOTALLY normal, especially with such a young baby. I know plenty of people will tell you that babies "should" be sleeping long stretches, but they are usually people who had easy babies or bad memories.

    Can you tell us about your current sleep set-up? Often the best way to get through this frustrating period is to find a way to roll with the baby's natural patterns instead of trying to change them.

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    Thanks for your reply.
    She used to sleep in her crib but I started putting her next to me since she wakes up so much. i just sit up and nurse her as i am nervous to do side lying nursing in case I fall asleep while nursing.

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    I would suggest read up on safe bedsharing. If it is safe for your baby to be in bed with you, (and it probably is, it just depends on some things you can learn about) there should not be any problem with sidelying nursing and falling asleep that way. Most of the precautions about bed sharing are about bedsharing with a baby under 4 months, any risk is greatly reduced after that age. But you will probably be more reassured about the safety of this if you read up on the science and what is a problem and what is not when bedsharing and make any adjustments necessary.

    Your best bet is to read the book Sweet Sleep. However if you want some quick info you can look at these tearsheets based on the book: http://www.llli.org/sweetsleepbook/tearsheets

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