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    I really hope someone can give me some advice. My baby is one month old today, and for the past week or so she has made nursing her completely impossible. She has gone from eating every three hours to every one and a half. When I sit down to nurse her, it takes a few tries to get her latched on (we never had this problem before she always latched right on immediately). She will nurse for a few seconds and then she starts flailing her arms and legs, grabbing onto me and scratching, pulling my hair, scratching her face, arching her back, etc. she makes it almost impossible to hold her. She will turn her head away, with my nipple still in her mouth, grunting and kicking, over and over again until I'm in agonizing pain. She unlatches multiple times during a feeding, and when I try to get her back on, she shakes her head with her mouth open over my nipple but won't latch, she will sometimes just lick at it, or put her mouth on but not suck. But then she starts screaming until she finally will latch and then sucks like she's starving

    I am at a complete loss, nursing her brings me to tears. I want so badly to keep breastfeeding but every single time we do this is what happens.
    I originally would stop and burp her thinking it was gas, that never worked. im starting to worry that she isn't getting enough from me, because she will nurse for about 20 mins each side and still scream and cry like she is starving. She was always done after 15-20 mins on ONE side. I started drinking mothers milk tea, and eating oats every morning but have seen no improvement. I drink plenty of water as well.

    I hope someone can help guide us in the right direction. I want to enjoy breastfeeding.

    Also, I'm not sure if this is related, but she has also started drooling like crazy and constantly sticking her tongue out. That just started this week too.

    She also has not pooped in two days. i heard that is not uncommon for EBF babies?
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    Do you have a weight gain history? It would help to know day of life and corresponding scale number, and note whenever a different scale was used. Also before baby stopped pooping, how many times a day was baby pooping and what did the poops look like and about how big were they (teaspoon, tablespoon, ladle...) How often/much does baby seem to be wetting diapers?

    Taken separately nothing by itself sounds all that strange. Babies normally kind of "wake up" and want to nurse much more often and with more intensity about 2 weeks after being born. They also go from asleep to very very hungry much faster, so that can cause them to be so frantic by the time they get to the breast they have a hard time latching. The fussiness at the breast may be solved trying different latch and positioning ideas and making sure to offer the breast often and get baby to the breast asap when baby cues.

    BUT a couple things like the drooling and tongue thrusting and no poops seem possibly a little bit odd for this age. The key to knowing if there really is a problem is if baby is not gaining normally.

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    with all the above.

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