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    Hey! I have a couple questions about pumping and working. The place where I'll be working is only open four hours. The most I would be there in a shift is 6 and that maybe overestimated. I can't really pump there and I live very close by. My little one is 7 months and eats solids. We have a "schedule", but he eats and goes that it varies when he nurses. What exactly is the longest can I go without pumping? I am also looking into weaning soon. Thank you in advance!

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    What exactly is the longest can I go without pumping?
    This would depend entirely on your own body. If you start to feel full, that feeling will signal to your body to start reducing milk production. The longer or more often you feel full, the more your milk production might reduce. Also if you get really full and stay that way for long, that is possibly going to lead to plugs or even mastitis- in other words, your could become ill. But some moms feel full after 2 hours and some 8. It all depends on the mom's breast storage capacity. Of course if you are looking to wean very soon, prior to your baby turning a year old, maybe a reduction in milk production before that is not a problem for you, but you would still want to take reducing your milk production gradually for your own health and comfort.

    If you wean your baby prior to a year or the time after a year your baby is taking in enough solids to have complete nutrition from solids, you will need to first wean to formula. When weaning from the breast at any age it is safest for you and considered easier for baby if weaning happens gradually.

    If you cannot pump at work and need to release milk pressure, maybe you can hand express which is quicker and easier and could possibly be done during a visit to the restroom.

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