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Thread: 15 month old isn't satisfied

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    I'm happily still breastfeeding my 15 month old daughter. She goes to daycare full time, so I mainly feed her before bed, 1-3 times in the middle of the night, in the morning, and before weekend naps.

    Lately, after her bedtime and middle of the night feeds, she's not satisfied after emptying both breasts. I know she's getting milk, because I hear her swallowing, but she keeps signing for more, over and over. She'll keep switching sides 6-10 times, which is frankly rather annoying. If I refuse, she has a meltdown. I offer her a sippy cup with water, and she'll have some, but she still wants more milk.

    Should I be doing something to increase my supply? Just roll with it? Any advice is welcome!


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    If you like, you can try to increase production by increasing how often milk is removed from the breasts (even a little might help) and making sure you are well hydrated. Personally when my third was about 18 months, I started feeling 'low" and tried a couple galactagogues- herbal supplements, that I found helped. (If you try that, be sure to research it as you would any medicinal herb.)

    If you decide to just roll with it, then you might be able to decrease how long your child nurses at bedtime by doing a longer bedtime routine prior to nursing or moving the time of bedtime back and, if needed, adjusting nap times as well, as sometimes naps interfere with how long it takes a child to get to sleep. For in the middle of the night, have you tried offering the sippy cup and maybe even a little snack first and then nursing? I am thinking if you can meet the thirst or hunger need at least somewhat not at the breast then she might comfort nurse down more quickly.

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    Thanks for the suggestions! I'll try a few of them!

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