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Thread: Left side no longer triggering let down - help!

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    Default Left side no longer triggering let down - help!

    I'm looking for advice, theories, ..anything really. My baby is 6 weeks old and about 2-3 weeks ago my left nipple stopped triggering a let down. Everything had been fine until I started supplementing with a dropper while he was nursing on the left side. Basically, I was squirting milk in his mouth while he was nursing. He was pretty sleepy at the time and I wanted to figure out a way to get extra milk in him while he was awake. After a few days of this, I noticed my left side was no longer triggering the let down. I have seen a very well-regarded LC and she was basically like 'why does it matter, baby is gaining fine'. I don't think my right breast is capable of supporting my son's milk needs for the next year+. I want to figure out how to get my left nipple to trigger again.

    My left nipple triggers when I nurse and pump on the right side. Also, the left nipple is capable of letting down milk when the breast is very full. (So, for instance, I just pumped and the left side had milk immediately. BUT I needed to start pumping on the right side to get the left to trigger/give up milk for the entire pumping session.)

    Part of the problem is, my left breast is the better producer. I just pumped both sides and the left breast had almost 4 ounces and the right less than 2. Part of that is because I can't easily get the left breast empty, but still.

    My history: I unfortunately had breast augmentation surgery about 7 years ago, through the nipple. I had my daughter 3 years ago and was able to exclusively nurse for 2 1/2 years. No problems. Left nipple triggered let down. About 1 year ago, I had surgery to have the implants removed. The incision is under the breast/in the fold. The surgery should not have impacted the nerves going to the nipple (??). (Also, for what it's worth, the implants had been under the muscle.)

    Any ideas?! I realize that I am very lucky to be able to nurse my children given my history, and I don't mean to sound ungrateful; but I HATE pumping. My baby hates bottles. I don't have time to pump. I just want to nurse my baby. I love nursing. And this sucks .

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    Default Re: Left side no longer triggering let down - help!

    Hi, sorry it looks like your post was missed before. Before I try to offer suggestions, I was wondering, are you still around, and how are things going now? Any changes?

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