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Thread: How often should I nurse?

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    Default How often should I nurse?

    How often should I be nursing my 10 week old during the day and at night if I'm wanting her to gain weight? How long should I let her sleep at night? She would sleep 6 hours if I let her. She also has green poop even though I've increased her feeds to 10 in 24 hours. Why would that be? Lastly, at times she cries before we start to nurse and if we stop she's fine. Does she not want to nurse?
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    Default Re: How often should I nurse?

    A 10 week old would typically nurse 8-12 times per 24 hours or more. As long as that is happening, a single sleep stretch every 24 hours of about 4-6 hours would usually be fine. However, if there is slow gain, encouraging baby to nurse more often is a good idea. Can you explain more about why you are concerned about your baby's weight gain? It might help if you can give us a weight check history.

    Green poops can be and usually are normal. Encouraging nursing frequency might help with green poops if the poops looking green is being caused by infrequent nursing or over production.

    Lastly, at times she cries before we start to nurse and if we stop she's fine. Does she not want to nurse?
    Babies cry for many reasons. If a baby truly does not want to nurse, they will not nurse. It is not really something you can force a baby to do.

    Unless baby has become accustomed to being fed another way than at the breast, a baby is usually going to want to nurse often enough and well enough to gain normally. There are a few things that can interfere with baby cueing often enough to eat normally, or otherwise might interfere with normal milk intake. - meal scheduling, pacifier use, sleep training, baby being prevented from nursing to sleep or nursing for comfort, baby being swaddled for sleep or sleeping in a different room from where mom is - these are things that seem to cause less frequent nursing or less effective nursing for some babies.

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    Default Re: How often should I nurse?

    There's no number of times that will be right for every baby. Some babies might gain well with only 6-8 feedings per day. Most will need a minimum of 8-10 nursing sessions per day, and some will need many more than that.

    Green poop is generally nothing to worry about, as long as baby is generally gaining well and healthy.

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