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Thread: Newborn falls asleep while feeding

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    My 5 day old latches on but falls asleep, and when I put her down she wakes up crying. I believe she has a good latch (mouth open wide and I can hear her swallowing) but it isn't long before she falls asleep. Once she's sleeping I put her down and within minutes she'll wake up crying. What should I do? Is this happening because she's falling asleep too soon?

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    Hi and welcome!

    It is normal for infants to fall asleep while nursing and even to nurse in their sleep.

    This is only a problem if baby is not getting enough milk because baby is falling asleep. There are other things that might cause a baby to not get enough milk.

    You can be sure baby is getting enough milk if baby is pooping within normal parameters and starting to gain weight.

    A 5 day old who is getting enough milk would typically be pooping 3-5 times (or more) in 24 hours, and the poops would typically be well on their way to transitioning from the black, sticky meconium look to a mustard yellow, runny/liquidy, sometimes seedy and curdy (but not always) typical breastfed baby poop. In between the two you might see greeny looking poops.

    Also by 5 days, baby would typically have stopped losing weight (as is typical for a few days after being born) and started to gain weight (but maybe just starting to.)

    Newborns expect to nurse about 10-15 times in 24 hours. It is very important that nursing is high frequency at this age. Cluster nursing is common and normal, meaning a baby may nurse multiple times in a short period, even in less than an hour for parts of the day.

    Newborns expect to be held pretty much all the time, even when asleep, and often will wake if put down.

    This article may be helpful: http://kellymom.com/hot-topics/newborn-nursing/
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