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Thread: Squirming, fussing & pulling off breast

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    Default Squirming, fussing & pulling off breast

    My LO is 6 weeks and we have had a really tough road with BF'ing. After getting her tongue/lip ties revised at 4w followed by total breast refusal, things were just starting to turn around and we were getting into a rhythm.

    However for the past 1-2 days now, she will latch, suck, then get really squirmy and fussy and pull off. This will repeat and she will grow increasingly fussy/frantic to where she is barely latching/sucking properly.

    I've tried soothing her and switching sides, same thing. Eventually I have to give in and give her a bottle because so much time has gone by that she is clearly hungry and needs to eat as she's been too fussy to get anything at my breast and is practically knawing her own fingers off at that point. She calms down as soon as the bottle is in her mouth and eats just fine.

    I took her to the pedi today suspecting thrush as my nipples/breasts have been stinging and her tongue was looking white. Pedi said tongue looked fine and no thrush in her mouth but did see a "yeasty" diaper rash for which they rx'd nystatin and told me to put on my nipples too.

    If she doesn't have thrush in her mouth and can bottle feed without pain, then I assume I can rule thrush out as a cause of her fussiness while BF'ing?

    I read the kellymom info on this topic and I also don't think its related to my letdown. Once my milk lets down and is readily available, she continues fussing so its not impatience. I don't think I have a particularly fast letdown because she's so fussy she's not even swallowing anything and I don't even see milk in her mouth when she pulls off.

    I am at a loss as to what this could be. Could any potential thrush on my nipples still be causing this despite the pedi not seeing any sign of it in her mouth? We've come so far with nursing that it's frustrating to have yet another issue at this point and I'm starting to wonder if it's ever going to work.

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    Default Re: Squirming, fussing & pulling off breast

    Hi. While it is possible you have thrush due to your symptoms, I think it is unlikely to be the cause of what you are experiencing with baby pulling off.

    If it is not related to a too fast or two slow flow, Usually pulling off is nothing more than baby is not able to get the latch or swallow pattern they like in the position they are in. Or they have a gas pain or something. So usually I would say just try other positions. However given a difficult history and the fact you feel you have to keep giving baby bottles due to this behavior, my best suggestion is to see an IBCLC to help you figure out if there is something more serious going on.

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