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Thread: Baby carrier you can nurse in?

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    Default Baby carrier you can nurse in?

    Hello everyone,

    I am currently on maternity leave with my three week old and my 2 year old. I was wondering if anyone had recommendations on baby carriers, especially ones that a baby can easily nurse in. I am trying to take my 2 year old out most days to parks, museums, etc. and my current baby carrier isn't particularly comfortable and I don't think I could nurse my baby in it.

    And any other suggestions or tips anyone has about dealing with a very active 2 year old with a newborn would also be greatly appreciated! We had relatives here helping until today so I am finally on my own and I am still trying to figure out logistics of everything (i.e. what do you do when both kids need to eat at the same time, that type of thing.)


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    Default Re: Baby carrier you can nurse in?

    In my opinion there is not any one particular carrier that is better for nursing in, because every mother's body is so different. Also there is way more to a happiness with a carrier than whether one can nurse in it or not. For example I found a moby wrap best for nursing in, but otherwise I was not a fan as it is warm where I live and that wrap was like wearing a coat. I found a maya wrap the most comfortable but not really great for nursing in. (For me, other moms nursed in it just fine.) So in fact I never managed to find a carrier I liked for nursing in that I liked otherwise, and while I carried all my babies, I usually had to at least loosen the wrap or sling and hold baby with at least one arm to nurse.

    If there is a baby wearing group around you, you can contact them and try on different carriers. Beware some of these groups do not offer diversity and everyone is a convert to one particular wrap or carrier! Ask if they have several different types. Also be aware some wraps or slings come in different sizes.

    An active LLL meeting is another place you can find baby carriers to try on. If you call the leader ahead of time she can tell you what you might be able to see there. It depends a lot on the meeting. FYI two year old would be welcome at LLL meetings.

    As far as how to keep up with a young baby and a toddler, my best suggestion is to not try to do too much. Most homes are adequate to find employment for even the most active toddler. Outside time is important but I have never seen any reason to take a 2 year old to a museum, even a children's museum. If going to such places is helpful to you, great. But if it is too stressful because you are juggling a newborn and toddler, no need to bother with that stuff. If you go when it is very quiet/not crowded, that will probably be easier.

    Look around for mom groups who have park days. More eyes on the kids means more safety, a mom without a newborn can do the running for you.
    Some parks offer more or less enclosed areas for the little ones.
    Parks with sand boxes can keep kids closer by.
    Bring your own folding chair or blanket to parks so you can sit anywhere your child is finding employment.
    Shallow water places like little streams or very shallow ponds can be both endlessly entertaining and perfectly safe- as long as you are closely watching and near, you do not have to be within arm's length. Obviously I mean very shallow.

    As far as eating at the same time, that is usually the best, because older child is employed while baby nurses. If you mean how do you prepare food, this is a great time a baby carrier that leaves your hands free is helpful.
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