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Thread: Breastfeeding every hour at night my 1 y 10 mo daughter

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    Default Breastfeeding every hour at night my 1 y 10 mo daughter

    I contacted you before when I have concerns about my milk supply for my second child, and you’ve helped me tremendously.

    Now I have 3 kids, two sons of 8 and 5 years of age, and a baby daughter, she is 1 year 10 months old.

    I was breast-feeding my sons till 2 years of age and almost 3 years of age; and by the age of my daughter, they were feeding only once at night, or even not at all at night. My daughter was also doing rather good at night, she was feeding one or maximum 3 times per night.

    Until recently (one months ago) our work load has increased (my husband used to spend a lot of time at home with our kids, but he is on urgent projects for the last month and maybe for the next 2 months, so he works a lot during the day now; and I also got work increase, even though I work from home and usually stay close to my kids).

    To help us deal with the kids and our household, we asked our Mother-in-Law (who is the sweetest woman ever, and very soft with the kids) to move with us for the next 2 months, which she kindly did. And, simultaneously, my 1 year 10 months old daughter started nursing 6-8 times per night.. We practice co-sleeping, so I don’t get up to nurse her, but while nursing my daughter scratches my elbows and underarms severely (when I try to stop her, she protests). After she is done with nursing, she pushes me with both hands away, turns to the other side and continues sleeping. I sometimes also continue sleeping, but sometimes it’s difficult to fall asleep again. What bothers me, is that she was nursing in this way (every hour) only for the first 2 months after she was born…. And now it somehow started again. Besides, my daughter lately doesn’t eat too much normal food during the day, and promptly rejects any food until noon or even 2 p.m…. Maybe she is not getting adequate nutrition? She is in the top percent of height though and her weight and overall development so far is good, even better, then my sons’ were during the same age.

    Also, during this last month my daughter developed exceptional clinginess to me. It started happening when my husband is not around and I’m trying to go to my weekly meeting to the office. Somehow my daughter feels that I have to leave well in advance, like 1 hour in advance, and starts hanging on me and hugging me and clinging onto me, if I give her breast during this time, it gets only worse. She screams when I have to leave her with my Mother-in-Law (when her Dad can’t be around, he tries to, but sometimes work gets in-between) — which happens once a week usually. As soon as I leave, my daughter calms down rather fast and doesn’t seem to mind my absence. But the moment when I leave it’s like the end of the world. My boys never had these issues, and I was leaving much more often when they were the age of my daughter.

    Do you think this behavior is temporally, and what would you advise me to do to ease the frequency of night feedings and clinginess?

    Thank you so very much for your time!


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    Default Re: Breastfeeding every hour at night my 1 y 10 mo daughter

    I would try dosing with motrin. I suspect that the increased night nursing may have to do with her 2nd year molars breaking.

    Way too lazy for formula

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