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Thread: weaned 5 days ago, breast health issues

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    I weaned my 21-month-old 5 days ago. After 5 days of cabbage, peppermint tea, sudafed 12-hour in the mornings, ibuprofen, and hand expressing in the shower, I still have VERY lumpy clogged breasts. I'm hand expressing a few times a day, and I know you're supposed express as little as possible, but I think I would really need to empty out to get rid of these lumps.

    Any advice on what I should do about the plugs? Are breasts supposed to be lumpy while you dry up? It's painful.

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    Default Re: weaned 5 days ago, breast health issues

    When you experience lumpy, painful breasts after weaning, it's probably a sign that weaning happened too quickly. When it comes to ending milk production, nature prefers a very slow goodbye. That usually means a slow decline to a few months of nursing just once or twice a day, followed by a period in which the baby nurses maybe once every other day, followed by the final weaning. Often moms don't even realize that their kids have weaned until a week or two have passed.

    So, what do you do? You could unwean your child. You could pump. Or you could continue to express some milk by hand. The goal should be to keep yourself comfortable, and to keep those plugged areas from turning into something nasty like mastitis. I would worry far less about perpetuating milk production than about comfort and health- so don't be afraid to take the milk out! Getting milk production to end is probably going to take longer than you would like, but trust me- it's worth it to go slow!

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