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Thread: Chronic wind in 12 week old

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    Default Chronic wind in 12 week old

    My LO is 12 weeks old and sleep and wind just seem to be getting worse. Would really appreciate any input, advice or personal experience! My first little boy was windy too and we never solved the problem.

    For background, he is ebf, is sick quite often but seems to be feeding well and growing well. Nights are currently very broken. He'll sleep an 1hr and a half from 9pm, then maybe a further hour and then cat naps the rest of the night. He cries and draws his legs up, as if constantly straining to pass wind, only being soothed by more feeding. Sometimes it sounds like lots of air is going in when he's feeding but the latch looks good.

    A few weeks ago he was doing a 4 hour stretch so I have no clue what has happened. Any help appreciated...thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Chronic wind in 12 week old

    How often does baby poop and what does it look like generally speaking?

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    Also, where is baby sleeping- in bed with you, in a cot in your room, or in his own room?

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