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Thread: DOC advised weaning bc of thrush

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    Default DOC advised weaning bc of thrush

    Hello everyone...

    I'm currently nursing my 18 month old daughter. We have battled thrush repeatedly in our nursing relationship. The DOC has given her nystatin and Daktrin gel. Numerous times. I've insisted as the nursing mother... I should be treated with diflucan, which he prescribed one dose.

    After the last treatment her thrush went away for a month and has come back. Now the DOC has said well at this point you should wean her bc nothing else can be done to stop the thrush.

    I'm very stressed over it as she has a strong emotional attachment to nursing, and she is a terrible eater. I'd say most of her nutrition comes from me. The comment has also been made that she shouldn't be getting any night feeds at her age.(we breastfed on demand and co sleep)

    Any advice to save our nursing relationship???

    Thank you so much for any help offered xx

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    Default Re: DOC advised weaning bc of thrush

    Your doctor is not giving you very good advice! You should not have to wean because of thrush! There are many other things you can use to treat thrush. I encourage you to check out Dr. Newman's candida protocol http://ibconline.ca/information-shee...dida-protocol/ and follow the steps. Gentian violet can be very effective for treating both mother and nursling.

    As for the diflucan, Dr. Newman has an information sheet on that as well, though he recommends trying the other measures in the protocol first. One dose of diflucan is enough for a vaginal yeast infection, but not for nipple thrush. Treatment should last at least a week after symptoms are gone, and for healthy moms it's considered fairly safe.

    There's also no reason why she shouldn't be feeding at night if that's an arrangement that's working well for you. Probably not even something you'd need to discuss with your baby's doctor!

    Best of luck!

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    Default Re: DOC advised weaning bc of thrush

    I agree with carm2. I am sorry you have struggled with thrush so long. But your doctor is not giving you proper info. Thrush is a yeast overgrowth. Bottle fed babies also experience this, and of course many non- nursing mothers have yeast overgrowths. You and your baby may continue to have thrush even if you wean.

    If you have tried the Newman protocol to no avail, here are some suggestions:
    Have you seen a dermatologist? They may be better able to 1) firmly diagnose that the issue is thrush and 2) Offer treatment that your doctor may not be aware of.
    Have you seen an IBCLC? (Board certified LC?)
    Do you think the problem is reoccurrence of thrush, or that it never goes away in the first place? Reoccurrence is common and there are many things you can do to try to prevent reoccurrence.

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    Default Re: DOC advised weaning bc of thrush

    As far as night nursing, it really bothers me when moms are told to not nurse their child when and how much they and their child wish. Here is why.
    The act of nursing is beneficial. Human milk is beneficial. Both of these things are GOOD for children. Not in any way bad!

    What if your child woke you up in the middle of the night and asked for a big plate of broccoli? What if they asked for a Kale salad 15 times a day? Begged you to brush their teeth? They would be considered wonderful, remarkably healthy children with a brilliant parent.
    But a child nurses at night, mom is considered a failure and child is "demanding" or "too clingy." Ugh it drives me crazy.
    Almost every nursing 18 month old wants to nurse at night. It is normal. And 100% healthy.

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    Default Re: DOC advised weaning bc of thrush

    Thanks for all the brilliant replies.

    I believe it's an issue of reoccurance. It comes and goes after she has received treatment. I even mentioned to the DOC about the treatment for me needs to be more than one dose and he just argued with me. (I live in Ireland- worst breastfeeding rates in the entire western world...I feel there is a huge lack of education re breastfeeding)

    I'm at the point I may book another consultant with a LC. I used one when she was only three months and tongue tie. Or perhaps a derm.

    I really don't want to wean her. I know in my heart she isn't ready and to be truly honest neither am I.

    As for the night feeds....yea I have faced a lot of judgement in that regard from her doc amount others. But it comforts her at night so I'll just keep doing what works.

    I really appreciate all the help and I will also review the dr Newman site. I've used the gentian violet recommendation on her once and it went away and came back. I'm not sure if it can be used more than once.


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    Default Re: DOC advised weaning bc of thrush

    The lactation textbook Breastfeeding Answers Made Simple has what looks to be like quite a comprehensive list of things to do to help prevent re-occurrence. If your LC has a copy she can just read that to you. Maybe something will jump out at you. I have not found a similar list searching online but you may have better luck. If I recall correctly it includes everything from how to basics of cleaning things that may harbor thrush to the suggestion to treat other families members and even family pets!

    I have known a couple moms who solved ongoing thrush issues (or anyway, something that appeared to be thrush) that did not respond to other treatment (or they could not get other treatment) using cocoanut oil on their nipples. I think one did vinegar washes as well, I forget.

    Here is a list of other treatment suggestions (aside Newman's) http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/child/thrush-resources/

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    Default Re: DOC advised weaning bc of thrush

    Thrush can result from systemic yeast overgrowth or from exposure. I agree with the advice about reading about and perhaps trying Dr. Newman's candida protocol. This protocol eliminates foods that "feed" the yeast. Have yopu considered seeing a Naturopath or holistic care provider that can help reset your body's natural flora. Sometimes it is a simple fix of adding probiotics into your diet regularly. Some women sprinkle powdered probiotics onto their nipples before their LO feeds to share the good bacteria with their little ones. Have you tried this already? Do you have any symptoms of yeast overgrowth yourself? Does your little one use a pacifier, bottles or have a favorite sippy cup? She could pick up thrush or continue to be exposed by these or other favorite items too.

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