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Thread: Not enough milk at night

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    Hi everyone, i am exclusively breastfeeding my 5 month old and have recently noticed that she is asking more often in the night. When I give her the last feed before bed I usually nurse on both sides and then put her to bed. Tonight I thought I'd try re-attaching again before putting her down to see if she's feed more. She latched on and became very fussy like she was trying to get the let down started but it just wasn't happening. I had expressed some milk earlier in the day so I thought I'd see if she took the expressed milk. She took an extra 40ml at this point. My question is, could it be possible that my breasts do not produce enough to make her full at night? Thanks

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    Around five months is an age where many babies start waking more often wanting to nurse more often and generally acting fussier at the breast. Usually this is entirely normal does not mean anything is wrong.

    Milk production does ebb and flow throughout the day this is true of all mothers for the whole time that they nurse.
    But this does not mean mom does not make enough milk. Either a mother makes enough milk for her baby to gain normally or she doesn't - there's no such thing as only nighttime low milk production.

    As far as baby taking the bottle I would say it's impossible to know what if anything that means. I would suggest that bottles given instead of nursing usually lead to more problems overall. Unless your baby needs the bottles to gain normally I would try to avoid them.
    Kelly mom has a good article called help my baby won't nurse which offer some ideas for when the baby seems to need to nurse but won't.

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    with the PP. I strongly second her suggestion to avoid the bottle as much as possible. If you sense a bottle dependency developing, now is the time to nip it in the bud!

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