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Thread: Droplets after pumping

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    Whenever I pump (whether it be after nursing or in place of a nursing session), I feel like there is never a last drop. I do compressions to get more milk out while I am pumping, but I keep getting told that it should be till the last drop. Should I get a last drop when nothing comes out anymore? Or is it normal to always have droplets come out at the end. There's been times where I pumped longer to see if drops would stop coming out? Am I doing something wrong? Please help!

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    Oh & does this affect my supply since I don't get every last drop out?

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    Hi asim1617.
    It would help to know who told you to pump "to the last drop" and why.

    Many moms are routinely told they have to be sure baby empties the breasts, or that they have to pump to the last drop. But in actual practice, this is neither necessary nor possible for many mothers. The breasts are always making milk and every mom responds differently to pumping, so some moms could pump for a very long time and still get some drops.

    This advice to empty the breasts possibly comes from a time when mothers and babies were routinely put on feeding schedules of (something like) 15 minutes a side every 3-4 hours, and these feeding schedules killed milk production. Of course what is really best for milk production is to make sure baby nurses frequently for as long as they want, and/or mom pumps frequently and with effective milk removal.

    If you are pumping because you need to increase your milk production, then yes you want to get the breast feeling as empty as possible when you pump. But that does not mean you have to pump until there is absolutely nothing coming out, as again, that might not be possible in a reasonable time and also, frequency of milk removal is just as important.

    If you are having issues with low milk production, let us know the details and perhaps we will have some ideas or resources to point you to.

    Hope this helps.

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    with MaddieB!

    The faster milk is taken out, the faster milk is made to replace what has been removed. So it's possible that a mom would continue to get droplets out forever while pumping, because the breast is always making more milk

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