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Thread: No weight gain/ Spitting up everything

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    Default No weight gain/ Spitting up everything

    Hi all, my 5 week old hasn't gained weight in the last two weeks and is spitting up/throwing up a lot. I'm breastfeeding, bottlefeeding the expressed milk from my pumping sessions and supplementing with formula (Gerber Good Start).

    Is there a difference between spit up and vomit? If she spits up and then is giving hunger cues right after should I try feeding her? She usually falls asleep right away when I breastfeed her so I don't think she's getting enough breastmilk to begin because she's also starving soon after a nursing session but not she's spitting up everything. She also has a lot of gas so at what point should I change my diet and/or her formula? Could that be the cause of her spitting up so much? I've mentioned the spitting up to the doctor at every appt and she didn't seem concerned.

    The doctor is concerned about her not gaining weight though so we have a follow up for a weight check this week. I was letting her breastfeed for as long as she wanted before which the doctor said to stop doing and only give her 10 mins on each side so she doesn't waste her energy on using me as a pacifier.

    I'm worried about her spitting up everything I'm giving her. I want to breastfeed exclusively (eventually) but she's even spitting up the breast milk.

    Sorry this post is all over the place. Any advice would be really appreciated.

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    Default Re: No weight gain/ Spitting up everything

    Has pyloric stenosis been ruled out? If a baby is truly spitting up everything and consequently, not gaining any weight at all, I think you need to make sure there is not a physical cause. There is no way your diet would cause this unless you have a baby with an allergic reaction made for the record books. And there is no point in you eliminating anything from your diet if your baby is also getting formula that contains dairy or soy, as those are the most common allergens.

    BTW, there should be no reason to give your baby formula or your expressed milk unless 1) you do not make enough milk or 2) your baby is unable to extract milk normally to get enough to eat when nursing 10-12 times in 24 hours. To rule out or get help with possible low milk production and/or baby not nursing well, I would suggest seeing a board certified lactation consultant. Few doctors understand breastfeeding enough to help with these issues. Would it be possible for you to see an IBCLC do you know?

    No formula is "gentler" or in any way better than your breastmilk. The only reason to give a baby formula (assuming mom wants to breastfeed) is if mom does not make enough milk for baby.

    Gas is normal and no reason to change anything.

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