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    I weaned my 22 m.o. 4 weeks ago. About midway through my period this last week I noticed that my right breast was slightly tender under my nipple. Yesterday my period wrapped up but left breast became more and more tender. Today I woke up with two very tender breasts.

    I have had mastisit several times in the past. I don't have any of the other symptoms that would normally accompany mastitis. I have also been on an antibiotic this past week for a sinus infection. Are these normal weaning symptoms? Does it have more to do with the period? I otherwise have not had any other weaning symptoms. We were down to 1-3xs per day when we stopped 4 weeks ago.

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    Hi sunsetbean.

    I would not say that such feelings are normal weaning symptoms, but they are probably common. Pain or tenderness might indicate too rapid or too abrupt weaning. Every mom responds to weaning differently, so even being down to 1-3 times a day may have been too abrupt for you. By the time total weaning nears, many children nurse only once a day or even only once every few days and hover at that very low number for a long time. And the issue is not really how often baby nursed before stopping, but how much milk mom was making when milk removal stooped. If mom is still making milk and nothing is removing the milk, that could possibly be causing mom discomfort and even possibly lead to plugs or mastitis.

    Of course it might be related to your period. But have you felt this kind of thing before weaning?

    Anyway, assuming you do not want to encourage your child to nurse again, or they will not nurse again, I would suggest gently pumping or hand expressing and see if you get any milk. If you do, express enough milk to feel comfortable, and only as needed, until your body catches on that baby has weaned.

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    with the PP. I would also strongly suggest being very alert to additional mastitis symptoms, like fever of flu-like feelings. That would be a clear sign to start removing milk and to see the doctor.

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