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Thread: Refusing bottle and/or refusing breast

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    For the most part when I offer to nurse more often (and he doesn't end up doing a full feeding), he will latch on for 30-60 seconds before unlatching and then wanting to sit up or get down on the floor to play. He seems to really dislike when I pick him up in the middle of him playing and he doesn't want to take the time to stop and nurse at the moment. Honestly, it feels like the more often I offer to nurse, the fussier he can get, but that could be because I get more anxious/frustrated with him refusing too and he's feeding off of my energy. What do you think of a dream feed for a 9-10 month old baby? Is he too old for that? I could certainly try adding in another feeding then, as well as when I get home from work (I usually feed him solids first when I get home based on the time). Or I can do an early morning "dream feed" where he's basically still sleeping. Once my milk lets down, the flow definitely is not an issue, I can confidently say that it is adequate and he will stop when he's satisfied.

    I mean this overall would make me worry less if I knew that he was nursing more with me. But I guess I'm just thinking of, what if he won't nurse more often? I'm a registered dietitian (who works with babies and kids, believe it or not), so I know how to look for signs of dehydration, I just want to prevent that from happening.

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    There is certainly no "too old" for nursing when asleep. Many much older nurslings nurse to sleep or in their sleep, in fact for much older nurselings this is often the last type of nursing to "go" before complete weaning. Relaxing in bed with mom and nursing in the morning is the other one that is preferred by children long after they have dropped other sessions.

    (I usually feed him solids first when I get home based on the time).
    You mean because you need to eat at that point, or prepare the family meal? Because I do think this would be an excellent time to encourage another nursing session if you can find a way to tweak your at home routine to make that work. Because we know solids can interfere with a baby's desire to nurse, the typical recommendation is to nurse before offering solids. Or (or as well) you can offer to nurse right after baby eats solids. If baby did not also drink water with his meal (and the solids were solids, not watery purees) then baby will likely be thirsty from his solids, and breastmilk is very thirst quenching.

    For other times, if you are getting stressed about getting baby to nurse more and he is not interested when you offer it might lead to more issues. But there are ways to offer to nurse by just being available rather than "offering." Also, if he only nurses 30-60 seconds that is fine, and typical in this busy age for some nursing sessions. I mean, even if there is no milk letdown in that space of time, there is a benefit as it helps baby continue to see the breast as a place to comfort. When a baby experiences nursing as meeting several of their needs (food, thirst, sleep aid, and comfort) they are much less likely to wean early or have prolonged strikes.
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    Even if you have a baby who adamantly resists nursing, getting your baby to breast is very possible but it will probably require time, patience, and kangaroo-style frequency.

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    It can happen that way, but more typically there are days of more nursing, days of less nursing, several weeks or months when nursing increases for a while, times it drops off etc.

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