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Thread: Weaning- Refusing Bottle and Sippy Cup

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    Default Weaning- Refusing Bottle and Sippy Cup

    I am in desperate need of help! My son has been exclusively breastfed for 6 months and then given solids/breastmilk up to 12 months. We did not really try with a bottle at all and only experimented at around 7-8 months with a sippy because I am a Stay At Home Mom and had an oversupply issue.
    Now, at almost 13 months, my son refuses to take any form of bottle or cup and we have been trying consistently. Once or twice he has taken a "Munchkin 360" sippy cup on his own without assistance. Other than that, he adamantly refuses. I have a 27 month old daughter who never had a problem and who also never had a bottle before a sippy cup. I know that I probably waited way too long to practice with him, but I have no clue where to start now.
    Please, anyone in a similar situation, is there any particular way to go about this? I am not ready to completely wean him yet, but can't continue being his only form of hydration.

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    Default Re: Weaning- Refusing Bottle and Sippy Cup

    I went through this with my son. Have you tried an open cup? That's the only thing he will drink out of for some reason! I don't think he liked to drink much water at 13 months but now at 18 months he asks for water all the time! Perhaps part of it is developmental? My friend's 15 month old still doesn't really like water...Not sure when my son started liking it. I also let him pour it from the faucet... Maybe you can make it into a game, but I do know with my son there was no forcing things let us know how it goes, I know how hard it is to be primary water source, but I now miss it, honestly!

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