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    Hi ladies.
    Feeding my 8 month old here everything is going good except he is teething. My areola are bright red, on one the tissue is swollen and irritated. The skin is flaking slightly (could be just healing) so I got checked for thrush. The doctor cannot diagnose thrush as there's no sign in baby and my breasts are not sore and doctor says they would be itching like mad. I have been using lanolin and gel breast compresses which helps make them less red until the next feed.
    Just wondering have any of you experienced this? Does their saliva change when they're teething or anything? He has one tooth that is up slightly and he has bitten me a couple of times but nothing significant that has done any long term damage, no cuts or anything on me. It's not uncomfortable and no nipple pain. They itch only slightly and occasionally but that could be them healing?? I'm just wary of it incase they start cracking. Thanks in advance xx

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    Is it just one side? Flaky skin and red areola are pretty classic thrush indications. Not all moms itch, but it is a little weird (but good) there is no nursing pain. This would also seem to rule out injury as the cause?

    A dermatologist may be someone who can make a more firm diagnoses or rule out thrush. It also could be some OTHER skin condition. So if seeing a dermatologist is possible you might pursue that.

    I do not think this could be related to saliva. When a baby teethes, there is MORE saliva, but I do not think it changes. However, teething may be related if it has changed how baby nurses. Also at this age, positioning changes are often needed to get a better latch.

    If baby is eating solids, sometimes that irritates moms to nurse. Either due to food particles in the mouth or mom having a reaction to what baby ate. You can try gently wiping out baby's mouth with a damp cloth before you nurse or after baby eats.

    They itch only slightly and occasionally but that could be them healing??
    Yes itching could be from healing. But what are you healing from if there was no injury? You have a bit of a mystery here.

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