Please help! My 3 month old is refusing a bottle, and I must return to work in one month. I have EBF since birth and have been introducing the bottle to my daughter since she was 6 weeks old. From 6 weeks to now 13 weeks old, she has been refusing the bottle. I have tried just about everything and am looking for any additional advice. I have tried:
- 8 different bottles/nipples and 2 sippy cups
- cup feeding
- my husband/sister/mother/MIL has tried giving it to her
- I have tried giving it to her (I am actually one of the only people she doesn't scream with when giving the bottle)
- I have been in the house, out of the house, and across the house in a different room during the attempts
- we have tried giving it to her in many different positions, including those used during nursing
- we have tried slipping the bottle in when she's sleepy or sleeping
- we have tried dipping the nipple in breast milk, as well as warming the nipple before giving
- we have tried many different temperatures of the milk
- we have given her the bottle at feeding times and between feeding times, so she's either been hungry or content during attempts

A lactation consultant that I've been in contact with told me that "she will take the bottle when you go back to work because she'll have no other choice, and she won't starve herself". The other day, when I was out of the house for hours, she went 9+ hours with my in-laws, without a feeding, and still did not take the bottle.

My daughter has also never really taken a pacifier, and still won't. I offered her the pacifier at about 2 weeks old, and she never fully took to it. I waited until 6 weeks to introduce the bottle due to the fear of nipple confusion, but am now kicking myself that I waited too long.

Any additional advice, tips, tricks, or opinions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance