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Thread: Starting with a very small supply

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    Long story short: my son is 4 months old. He was breastfed for 3 months before he began refusing the breast. I pumped through that.
    Then I got a pulmonary embolism diagnosis and had to stop taking motilium (It changed my heart beat pattern). Supply dropped so much that I can get maybe 50ml from pumping.
    I need to know what to do, how to get my supply back. I know its probably the case he'll never feed from the breast again, but I'm keen to pump, but I just can't seem to get a supply up.

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    Hi needsassitance. First off, the most important thing as a mom is to take care of your own health. Your baby needs you more than your milk. I do not know what a pulmonary embolism diagnoses entails, but of course if any of my below suggestions are not in compliance with the care you need to take for that, then do not do them.
    If your milk production was dependent on you taking motillium and you had to stop taking that due to your health issues, it is possible your milk production will never return to the levels you had before.
    But there are many things moms can do to maximise milk production.
    Frequent and effective milk removal is vital for milk production. Since you are pumping only, I would strongly suggest the first step is to troubleshoot your pump. Also make sure your pump is the best you can get and that the flanges fit correctly on both sides.
    Frequent milk removal - the recommendation for a mom of a 4 month old who is trying to maintain an already established, normal milk production would be a minimum of 6 times in 24 hours. If a mom is trying to increase her production, she is likely going to want to try to pump 8-10 times in 24 hours. However, any increase in milk removal should help. So for example, If you are currently pumping 3 times a day and can only increase it to 5, that is more likely to increase your milk production than leaving it at 3. However 5 times may not be enough to increase production much. It is all very individual.
    Due to your health issues you would have to research this very carefully, but some moms eat foods or take herbal supplements that have galactagogue properties and find it helps. It does not help all moms, but then again, neither does motillium.
    Good hydration is vital for normal milk production. Not being overly hydrated- that does not help. But dehydration is pretty detrimental to milk production.
    Many babies are brought back to the breast or to the breast for the first time at several months old, some even as toddlers. Also many moms find that if they do not make enough or any milk, they can enjoy nursing their baby using a lactation aid. So if nursing your baby again is a desire you have, that is not outside all possibility at all.
    Kellymom.com has good info about increasing milk production and maximizing pump output.

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