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Thread: Took oil of organo please help!

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    My husband was sick and I started to take oil of oregano to help not get sick for a couple of days and noticed my milk supply was down when I pumped. Once I realized oil oregano can drastically decrease milk from research I am extremely worried I damaged my supply for good. My baby is 3 1/2 months old and exclusively breastfeeds. Will my milk supply be damanged for good from the oil of oregano or can I get it back up?

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    Your milk supply would not be permanently damaged from temporarily taking this, as long as you have stopped now. If you do become ill, try to avoid taking anything else that might dehydrate you or reduce production.

    Yes, you can re-increase your milk production. First, make sure you are well hydrated. Second, make sure baby is nursing with good frequency. In fact encouraging baby to nurse more often will help. If after a few days you still think you are "low" you can consider taking a galactagogue, just make sure you research any herbal medical treatments including galactagogues before taking them.

    Also, many mom become unnecessarily concerned about low milk production at this age due to entirely normal changes in how the breasts feel and how baby behaves. This article explains this phenomenon very well: http://kellymom.com/hot-topics/low-supply/

    Hope this helps!

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