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Thread: Tiny black spots on one nipple

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    Default Tiny black spots on one nipple

    Hello everyone,

    I am currently breastfeeding my second child. She is nine days old and everything is going much better than with my first child. We were released from the hospital last Monday and did a follow up with her doctor the next day. At that appointment, she was already gaining weight. We did a weighed feeding with a certified lactation consultant and she was transferring milk great.

    I've had some nipple pain but it is getting better and is almost completely gone now. The lactation consultants I saw at the hospital and at the doctor's office said it was probably just working on technique a bit and waiting for her mouth to get a bit bigger. (My nipples are fairly large.)

    However, this morning I noticed a few tiny black spots on one nipple. I don't remember that ever happening with my first child. Does anyone know what those are? Should I be worried? My nipples have been a bit red but there hasn't been any bleeding or cracking.


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    Default Re: Tiny black spots on one nipple

    Is the nipple feeling kind of "rough" as well? I remember this kind of thing in the early weeks when latch was not quite there. Nipple skin feeling rough to the touch and little black or dark brown spots. In my case I thought it was tiny injuries scabbing over. Scabbing means healing, so if nursing is not hurting you, then you are probably doing fine and these will go away as latch continues to improve. If you want, you can try nipple ointment for protecting as well as softening the skin.

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