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Thread: Milk Allergy? Or am I over reacting.

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    Default Milk Allergy? Or am I over reacting.

    My daughter is going to be 1 on the 24th!!! I have breast feed her since day 1, I used to pump in the begging because she wasn't latching and then about 7weeks we tried again no issues!! So now a couple weeks before her first birthday she starts to bite and pull and scream at my boobs, now I have cracked bleeding nipples so I start to pump again. Well I am only getting maybe 2oz total from each boob every 5hrs!!!!!and that isnt satisfying for her at all! So I call WIC amd speak to a lactation lady and explain all this and she says to pump what I can and mix with whole milk since shes practically 1. So I do that, day 1 maybe gets 2oz total of whole milk! day 2 wakes shes crying until she passed Gas, then has diarrhea, at nap time ( no whole milk on day2 at this point) starting having a coughing fit and is having trouble catching breath starts throwing up. So I tried calling WIC back 30min hold hang up, call docs no one is able to take the call at that time to talk to me... I can make an appointment if needed! Wtf! Anyways it's day 4 now and shes hasn't had whole milk since the first day of maybe 2oz, just what milk i can produce, had 2 frozen bags! and now she had runny nose, coughing, gas, still has diarrhea! I guess my question is could this be a milk protein allergy? She eats cheese and yogurt just fine, Im half addicted to milk and drink it everyday but that 1% and we have had no issues. So am I tripping or what! I need to figure something out cause shes pissed at my boobs and me. I went back to nursing and pumpig after and again she is just pulling at screaming and switchig and just not a happy boob baby anymore What and any advice, stories, recommendations are very appreciated!!! Im half tempted to go buy some toddler formula for babies with protein allergy or something cause tbis morning nurses on boob1 5 mins later screaming boob2 5 mins later screaming, thawed frozen milk happy baby!!! Im out of frozen milk now!!! Help+

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    Default Re: Milk Allergy? Or am I over reacting.

    If you drink milk, its proteins pass to the breastmilk, too. So if for the whole year there were no symptoms, it would be weird if they appeared just now.
    Does your daughter have a fever? The symptoms sound consistent with a stomach bug (with an exception for coughing but perhaps that is a consequence of throwing up). Also consistent with food poisoning... did you have any of that milk yourself?
    However, if you still want to check the possibility of allergy to cow milk, you dont have to buy special formula, just try some plant based milk - cocos, almond (unless fear for allergies), soya, sezame, hempseed, etc. Rice milk is an option, though not very recommended for children due to high non-organic arsenic amounts. You even do not have to buy such milk, you can make it yourself with a blender. It is a much healthier alternative to cow's milk.

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    We did have a slight flare up of Eczema when she was about 2months old but cleared up within a month, no change in my diet at time of flare up or clearing...I have not drinking any of the whole milk, but I will try some or have my husband try a glass. She woke up around 5am this morning with a slight fever and gas. We never have had a problem with her an gas...stomach bug was a thought too and the attempt to try the whole milk just was bad timing

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    Default Re: Milk Allergy? Or am I over reacting.

    Here is my suggestion.
    Call WIC and tell them you want to breastfeed your child and to please tell you where you can get help with breastfeeding. Something is wrong if you cannot nurse your baby without being injured, and your best bet for fixing that is in person help from someone who understands breastfeeding. They can help you with both whatever was causing the issues with latch, with why you might not be producing well for the pump, and with milk production in general if that turns out to be a problem. I will link an article with some ideas about latch and positioning that may help, and also some good articles on pumping and what to do about low milk production. But, if you can get actual in person breastfeeding help, then do it. Many WICs do have this, but sometimes you have to hunt around to find the right person who can get you to who you need to get to.

    I would also suggest contacting your local LLL or other volunteer-run breastfeeding support group. They may be able to help themselves, or might know of what low cost or free options for help there may be near you.

    It sounds to me like your child is ill. I suppose such a severe reaction to milk is possible, but I am pretty sure it would not include a fever. So baby is most likely ill, and whether or not there is also a problem with cow milk is going to be unclear for now in that case.

    It may be that the oncoming illness was also why her nursing started hurting you, because congestion, sore throat, headache, body aches, etc. can cause nursing problems.

    You will want to check with your baby's doctor, but the most serious issue with most baby illnesses is the risk of dehydration because baby does not want to eat or drink normally when ill. Your milk is excellently hydrating, so as long as baby gets enough breastmilk to ward off dehydration, baby should be fine through the illness. If baby is not able to get enough of your milk, you baby's doctor will have suggestions for ensuring good hydration.



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    Default Re: Milk Allergy? Or am I over reacting.

    This sound like a baby with some sort of illness, probably a gastrointestinal bug. It's unlikely that it's a milk protein allergy if a) the baby had none of these symptoms for close to a year despite the fact that you drank milk while nursing, and b) the baby has eaten cheese and yogurt without having any of the symptoms.

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    Default Re: Milk Allergy? Or am I over reacting.

    Thank you both ^^ for replying, I often just over react. Most, almost all my friends and family didn't breastfeed and if they did it was for 6 months then to formula, and my husband just say ive got this!
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