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Thread: Getting my fertility back!

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    Default Getting my fertility back!


    So my first daughter is 11 months, & we'd love to have another baby soon. We've both always wanted to have 2 children close in age.

    For various reasons I've been combination feeding her since 7 months, and she's doing ok with solids. Not great & not terrible.

    It would make logical and financial sense to have a baby soon with my job, and my husband who is changing jobs currently. And we would like to get pregnant too. I've not had a period yet ! The other complication is that I've always had periods a lot less often than once a month, which means less ovulation chances per year.

    I realise the short answer is to stop feeding. I've been replacing 1 feed in the day with a bottle about once a fortnight for a while, so now I'm only feeding her at 7am, 9am & 6:30pm. (Haven't feed her at night for 2 months).

    What do you recommend? Shall I continue to cut down how often I'm feeding her?
    Is there any chance of once I'm pregnant (God willing) feeding her more often?

    Any kind thoughts welcome. Thank you

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    Default Re: Getting my fertility back!

    The short answer is not to simply stop nursing your baby! That's the avenue you take after your have exhausted other options.

    The first thing I would do, were I in your shoes, would be to pick up a good basal body thermometer and a copy of the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility. With these two tools, you can gain a much more accurate sense of your fertility patterns and maximize your chances of conception. You may even be able to detect ovulation before you get a period. Also, TCOYF is a great book that every woman should have on her shelf, because it's the owner's manual for the female body.

    The second thing I would do would be to see your doctor. Before embarking on a second pregnancy, you want to make sure you're in as good physical shape as possible. Get all the routine bloodwork done, and plan to discuss those long cycles you had before conceiving your first. There may be an issue there that should be looked into, so that you can maximize your chances of getting pregnant again. (Of course, long cycles are often perfectly normal- not everyone has a clockwork 28 day cycle!)

    The reason I really advocate taking these 2 steps before reducing nursing any further is that you are already nursing at a fairly low level and not feeding at night. At this level of nursing it's quite likely that your fertility will return fairly soon even if you do absolutely nothing. And it would be a shame to give up on nursing if it's not necessary for you to do so, right?

    Finally, if you do wean completely and then get pregnant, it is possible to start nursing your current baby more often. There are some issues that you should be aware of, though, including:
    - Supply reduction. Most moms who become pregnant while breastfeeding lose some or all milk supply, and of course your milk supply would also take a huge hit from weaning.
    - Babies who have been weaned from the breast often have no interest in returning to it.
    - Pregnancy is often accompanied by breast/nipple soreness which can make nursing unpleasant, even when mom has milk and baby is willing to nurse.

    (Note: Since you used the word "fortnight", I'm guessing that you are somewhere in the UK? If so, then I should point out that when I use the word "weaning", I mean it in the American sense of stopping nursing completely, rather than the British sense of introducing solid foods.)

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    Default Re: Getting my fertility back!

    Thank you very much for this! Very helpful. Yes you're correct that I'm in the UK, I didn't even realise fortnight wasn't used in America!

    That was a very comprehensive reply which covered all the points! I don't know if there's really anything else to ask! Thank you.

    My only question would be when you say "At this level of nursing it's quite likely that your fertility will return fairly soon even if you do absolutely nothing." What did you have in mind for 'soon'? Weeks? Months? Of course we can't know for sure.

    Anyway on the other side of the coin I've enjoyed nearly 2 years of no periods now! 22 months!

    Thank you again I'm glad to hear that I don't just have to stop feeding. !

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    Default Re: Getting my fertility back!

    The time until return of fertility varies widely. Some moms get it back within weeks of birth, others must wait years. My understanding is that on average, fertility in nursing moms returns around 15.5 months. That was certainly the case for me, with both of my children.

    So, how long are you going to have to wait? Is it likely to be the average 15.5 months? Or are you one of the people who will go longer? Or will it be tomorrow? No-one can say. But again, your level of nursing is already quite low- just 3x per day if I read your post correctly- and that suggests that you don't have too long to wait, and probably should expect signs of returning fertility in the next few months. That's why I suggest TCOYF- it's a good primer on detecting your fertility signs, even before menstruation kicks back in. But of course I could be completely wrong!

    In American English, "fortnight" is a word you would see in a 100 year-old novel or in a period drama about the Revolutionary War. If you dropped it in conversation, a fair number of people would ask you what it meant! America is also sadly bereft of "whilst" and a bunch of other great words, but we try to make up for it by removing the extraneous a from paediatrician, and the u from honour and colour.

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    Default Re: Getting my fertility back!

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