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    Good afternoon,

    My husband and I are adopting an infant and I would like to breastfeed. Is there any one who has/is doing this that could give tips and advice?


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    Hi and congratulations! It has been pretty quiet on the Forums lately so may be a while before someone with personal experience in this area responds. For information and support more quickly here are some links:

    Several articles from LLL: http://www.lalecheleague.org/nb/nbadoptive.html
    Article form Breastfeeding USA https://breastfeedingusa.org/content...r-adopted-baby
    Resource page from kellymom: http://kellymom.com/category/ages/adopt-relactate/ (if any links do not work, try your own search using the name of the resource. This is an excellent website for all things breastfeeding related, but Sometimes her links to outside resources are broken or outdated.)
    Goldfarb/Newman inducing lactation protocol: http://www.asklenore.info/breastfeed...ls4print.shtml

    If you are anywhere near to an LLL group, give them a call. Leaders may know local moms who have nursed or are nursing adopted babies or for some other reason needed to induce lactation or relactate. Also LLL meetings are a wonderful place in general for information and support, not only about breastfeeding but for parenting in general.

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